Policies and Procedures

ďThe principal goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done.Ē


Jean Piaget (1896-1980) Swiss cognitive psychologist.


The Office of the Registrar


The Philosophy of the Office of the Registrar is based on the assumption that service to students and faculty is first among its priorities recognizing that they are its primary constituents. To achieve this, the office uses the best and most current methods of keeping records, of ensuring their privacy and safety and of helping students and the college achieve their academic goals. The Registrarís Office believes in the values of honesty, correct information, positive attitude, equality and fairness, competency, cooperation and teamwork, continual self-assessment, privacy and security, and creativity and innovation.



In support of the University Collegeís vision, the vision the Registrar Office is to enhance the building of a respected customer service in the provision of academic services.



In support of the University Collegeís mission, the Office of the Registrar works with particular emphasis toward processes related to academic records, academic progress, enrollment data, and academic certification. Office of the Registrar accomplishes this mission by striving toward excellence in everything it does, challenging itself to be as efficient and effective as possible by creating an environment in the office and on campus which encourages growth, supports academics, respects people and their differences, promotes communication and participation.



As the Office of the Registrar looks to the future, it recognizes its critical role in growing a strong future for St. Maryís University College. The Office of the Registrar will continue to strive to provide superior customer service, to take advantage of emerging technologies when appropriate, and to be a leader in the campus community for performance excellence.


The Office of the Registrar will collaborate with other units to provide a seamless continuum of service for students.At the same time, the Office will work to define its exact role within Academic Affairs.To this end, its major goals are to:

        satisfy customer needs.

        enable office personnel to excel.

        import technology.

        import continuous process improvement.

        optimize use of available resources.

        operate/sustain a quality workspace environment.



The core functions of the Office of the Registrar are to serve as the University Collegeís central service and academic support unit to:


        collect and record student and instructional academic program information, including conducting and managing processes related to registration, including residency classification.

        coordinate and produce official enrollment and academic certification from academic records.

        provide data services to collect, process, and provide access to information in support of academic advising, instruction, and institutional decision-≠making.

        provide support for determining academic eligibility and academic progress.

        plan and execute all activities related to commencements.

        officially respond to requests for information about students and programs, and serve as the official manager for access to and release of student academic and educational information.

        provide appropriate service support to the areas within the Office of Academic Affairs.


Operating Philosophy

As the Office of the registrar looks to the future, it must recognize its critical role in growing a strong future for St. Maryís University College.It must provide service and service improvements to campus administrative staff and faculty and advisors, and collaborate with them in future planning.


The Office of the Registrar has seen a shift in how it does its work over the past years.While the office continues to provide the traditional services, it is also attempting to take a proactive approach to technology, resources and continuous improvement.


The office is developing an operating philosophy that helps guide its planning, choices and actions.This philosophy focuses on the following:

  • Supporting its employees and providing a structure for change management.
  • Identifying and responding to customer and stakeholder requirements.
  • Implementing improvements and efficiencies, within the Office of the Registrar, in the context of the Office of Academic Affairs, and in the services it provides students and the campus community.
  • Aligning our goals with its core competencies.
  • Planning and measuring what it does by developing metrics/benchmarks.
  • Establishing a methodology for process improvement.
  • Building partnerships
  • Facilitating easier access to information by taking advantage of the Registrar System software.

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Application Procedure

Receipt of the following credentials in the Office of Registrar constitutes a complete application for admission.

         i.            Application Form - The application form may be obtained from the registrarís Office or from the UCís website www.stmarycollege.edu.et/smucstudents where online submission is also possible. the completed and signed application form should be returned to the Office of the registrar. The appropriate application fee in cash/Checks should be made payable to St. Mary's General Educational Development PLC.

       ii.            College/University Transcripts - who have attended a college or university, must request that an official transcript be sent directly from each institution to the Office of the Registrar P.O.BOX 1211, Addis Ababa.

      iii.            Photographs - The applicant should also submit recently taken two passport size photographs with the application form.

Place of Registration

Applicants can fill and submit the application form online or they can fill and submit in person at Mexico Campus in the Office of the Registrar. Information on course offerings is provided online and at Department/Faculty offices.

For Online Applicants

The online application can be accessed from the University Collegeís website www.stmarycollege.edu.et/smucstudents. The applicant should fill each and every required information and submit it before the deadline. The applicant should come in person at Mexico campus with a hard copy of the form (if possible) to settle fees as required and to submit credentials.

When to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to apply at least three to four weeks prior to first semester of attendance. This will allow adequate time for the student to request any academic credentials needed to complete the application file, and participate in New Student Orientation.

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