1. Home – Registrar’s home page contains recent announcements and a message. It is also on the home page that students enter their Login Id and Password to login and view their academic records.
  2. Academic Calendar – this tab contains academic calendars of Degree, Teacher Education and TVET programmes of the university college.
  3. Course List – here active and prospective students of the university college can view course lists of different prgrammes and departments.
  4. Admission under the admission tab, anyone who visits the page can find detailed admission information. This includes available fields of study, entrance requirements, training duration and tuition and registration fees.
  5. Online Application – The online application is designed to save the time an applicant spends going to the University College to fill out an application form. Rather the applicant fills the form and submits it to the Office of the Registrar online.
  6. Contact Us – contact information can be found under this tab and anyone can send a request or comment to the Registrar’s e-mail address.
  7. Policies and Procedures – some policies and application procedures can be found under this tab.
  8. Notice – different notices that are posted by the Office of the Registrar to prospective and active students can be found under this tab.
  9. About – contains some information about the page.